Debt Management Portal

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Sustainable Debt Financing is now a neccesary component of government financing.

Managing these obligations in Excel is no longer an acceptable option for forward thinking organizations.

Our Debt Management Office automation solution has been carefully designed as an end to end solution for the management of varoius sizes of dovernment debt management offices.

The solution enables One-Set-of-Numbers as a single source of truth for reporting and managing the State Debt Obligations (Domestic Loans, External Loans and Bonds) of the State.

Other benefits of the solution include:

✓ Secure Electronic Document Management
• Eliminates loss of sensitive paper-based documents.

✓ Gain Efficiencies with Automated Computations
• Free employees from mundane repetitive tasks and allow focus on high value analytical activities.

✓ Reduce Regulatory and Compliance Exposures
• Eliminates pain points associated with reporting and reconciliation with the Federal Debt Management Office and other regulatory bodies.

✓ Improved Access to Financing
• One click transparent generation of Debt Sustainability ratios and other key due diligence items enhance access to favorable financing terms.

✓ Achieve Savings and Cost Avoidance
• Achieve cost savings by avoiding overcharges in Fees and Interests.

Our Digital Robots will interact with any existing Software used by for Financial Reporting and Treasury functions without requiring any software development effort in these systems.